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Philip Kaufman

Twisted * Philip Kaufman * 2004

TwistedThis film was on TV yesterday. I saw Ashley Judd and Samuel L. Jackson, had a peek on text-tv (I don’t have a TV-guide) and saw “Kaufman” as director (which turns out to be another Kaufman than I first thought), so I decided to have a try. There are several films with the same title, but this one is about a young, female detective (Judd) who just got promoted to homicide. In her free time, she is an unrestrained woman, picking up strangers to have sex with. Her first case immediately looks like a serial killer and Jessica and her partner Mike (Andy Garcia) go to investigate the case.
“Twisted” is a somewhat standard serial killer thriller with a few shifts of suspect and a not too surprising end. The acting is good (but Judd looks a bit too sweet for her part) and so is the atmosphere, so for a tv-film, not a bad surprise.

Quills * Philip Kaufman * 2000

I saw this movie in the cinema and now is has just been released on video and DVD in the Netherlands. A very nice movie about the Marquis de Sade (Jeffrey Rush) in prison writing his pornographic literature. Laundry-maid Kate Winslet smuggles the papers to the outside world to have them published. They become so popular that they catch the attention of the church who send a doctor to ‘cure’ the Marquis with medieval methods.
A nice one if you enjoy medieval movies.