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Paul Sletaune

Babycall * Pål Sletaune (2011)

“Babycall” (international title “The Monitor”) is a film of the director of the much better “Naboer”. The film is about Anna (Noomi Rapace of the “Millenium” films), a troubled young woman that is running from her past. Anna is clearly schizophrenic and tries to protect her son from her ex. The story is perhaps not very original, but makes an alright psychological thriller until the awfull conclusion at the end.

Naboer * Pål Sletaune * 2005

next door

“Naboer” (“neighbour”, but the English title is “Next Door”) is a strange Norwegian horror in which a young man gets manic over the leaving of his girlfriend. Or did she leave because of his mania? Naboer is a claustrophic and slightly Videodrome-like sex-and-violence film with here and there a Japanese atmosphere. The result is not groundbreaking, but alright with some good scenes and a nice atmosphere. -20/12/06-