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Morten Tyldum

The Imitation Game – Morten Tyldum (2014)

The lauded film about Alan Turing who created a machine to crack the continuously changing Enigma code of the Nazis and thus devising the first computer.

British intelligence agencies gathered the best decoders, linguists and mathematicians to crack the Nazi code so they could be a step ahead and win the war. This was quite a task and Turing came up with the idea to not try to crack the code and having to do the same the next day when the code was changed, but to make a machine that figures out the settings that the Nazis changed every day.

The director turned the story of the troubled Turing into a nicely developing film.

Hodejegerne * Morten Tyldum (2011)

Roger Brown is a slick businessman whose job is get the best candidates for top functions. He is a “headhunter”, hence the title. He also has an occupation on the side in order to enable him to support his wife’s expensive taste. Then his two jobs come together in Clas Greve who proves to be an opponent of too big a size. A quite typical story unfolds in which things go from bad to worse for Roger.
“Headhunters” might be somewhat predictable, but it has some nice humour, current-day bloody scenes and a well-enough atmosphere to remain entertaining. I predict a remake.