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Miranda July

Kajillionaire – Miranda July (2020)

Just as the other film of July that I reviewed, I knew “Kajillionaire” is not my genre, yet somehow it ended up on my watchlist. It took quite some time before I felt like watching it (“The Future” was hard to find to watch, this was no problem with “Kajillionaire”).

So we have a quirky comedy about a family that has creative ways of earning money. They scam insurance. Return items to shops. That sort of things. They live in an office which gets ‘bubbled’ twice or three times a day. Because they are behind paying rent, they try to go to their living office unseen.

During a job the family meets the very expressive Jenny who has a great idea of making money. Then the gang consists of four.

The girl on the cover is -obviously- the daughter. She is perhaps even more awkward than her parents. Jenny tries to get some life into the girl.

Weird situations, odd dialogues. Again July made a minimalist film with subtle humour referring to all kinds of small things in actual daily life.

Amusing, but not great.

The Future – Miranda July (2011)

  • drama

Weird, this film is entirely not my genre. A romantic drama type of film. Somehow I read something about it when it came out that made me want to see it. It took a while before I did, because I never saw it anywhere until recently.

We follow a bored and boring young couple who decide to start to live for their last month (after which they will adopt a cat). The man goes to work for charity, the girl finds another friend. The film is very slow and very minimalist with strange dialogues about odd subjects and a couple of strange elements. Nothing much really happens, but I think the director tries to make their characters (and the viewer) wonder about simple things in life.

Not my genre and indeed, not really my film.