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Mike Cahill

Another Earth * Mike Cahill (2011)

I thought this would be a scifi, but “Another Earth” is actually a fairly heavy drama. The film has more incommon with “Sound Of My Voice” then with Cahill’s “I Origins“, but there certainly are similarities.

For starters, Brit Marling plays main parts in all three films. Second, all three films have a bit of a spiritual undertone. Both “Another Earth” and “Sound Of My Voice” are dramas with a scifi theme. In the latter title the main character supposedly comes from the future, in the present title scientists find a nearby planet that appears to be a mirrored version of our earth.

The story -though- is more about Rhoda (played by Marling) who drives into a family car driving home from a party. The story picks up when Rhoda comes out of jail after four years and she tries to find the father of the family who survived after having been in a coma. The two meet and of course the unexpected happens.

Parallel to the main story there is the story of the carbon copied earth. Of course everybody is intrigued by the idea that there is another version of him-/herself and what that would imply. When a party is sought to out visit the planet, Rhoda applies, since nobody would miss here on this earth anyway.

Like the other two titles mentioned “Another Earth” has an original story, a nice idea, but not worked out into a very convincing film.

I Origins * Mike Cahill (2014)

The young scientist Ian is fascinated by the eye. First because each human iris is unique and second because by proving that the eye evolved too, Ian thinks he will be able to prove that the last thing religious people claim to be a creation of God, is also scientifically explainable. It is also through eyes that Ian meets his wife-to-be, the beautifull Sofi.

Ian and Sofi are two colliding worlds. Sofi is a very spiritual girl, Ian the complete opposite. When Ian’s laboratory partner Karen finds the missing link that is going to give their work a boost, Ian’s life changes drastically in two ways.

Cahill worked out a nice theory, that the eyes are the mirror to the soul, quite literally. He sets aside outlooks that we see a lot today; the overly materialistic and rational view and the New Agey one. This works better in some scenes than in others. The same I can say about the general atmosphere. While there are some nice scenes showing Ian and Sofi falling in love, the most dramatic scene of the film did nothing to me.

“I Origins” is a nice film with a nice story, but unfortunately does not rise above the level of ‘nice’.