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Matthew Vaughn

Kingsman: Secret Service – Matthew Vaughn (2014)

I wanted to watch an action comedy with the intensity of “Bullet Train” or “The Hitman’s Bodyguard“. ” The Mexican” was amusing, but it does not have the amount of action that I was after. The first “Kingsman” does neither.

“Kingsman” is a bit of an adolescent 007. The Kingsmen is a private secret service, they have a vacancy and some youngsters are tested to see who fits. Samuel L. Jackson is a somewhat childish bad guy.

The film is not too great. There are a few funny scenes, but the target audience appears to be a wee bit younger than myself.

Kick-Ass – Matthew Vaughn (2010)

  • action

A rather ‘teeny’ ‘superhero’ movie. Actually Dave is not a superhero. He is just a comic-loving-nerd who gets the idea of buying himself a suit and try to be a superhero. Since he has no ‘superpowers’ he gets his ass kicked himself.

People do pick up his effort to do something about the downfall of society, so in spite of everything he becomes a hero. Yet there are better equipped crime fighters out there in the form the a great Nicholas Cage (as Damon Macready) and his daughter.

There were not the cartoon effects that I expected and overall “Kick-Ass” is but a teen action movie.

L4yer Cake * Matthew Vaughn (2004)

L4yer CakeThis film was in the box together with “Snatch” that I bough recently. “Layer Cake” is not exactly the same kind of film though. The story is more like “51th State“, but “Layer Cake” is less of a comedy. A businessman happens to have cocaine as his business and just when he things he handles things perfectly and starts to think about retirement, things no longer go as planned. Fast montage, popular music, the thick English layer makes this film quite typical for the genre. It is by no means a boring film though, but nothing special either.