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Mary Harron

American Psycho * Mary Harron (2000)

Undoubtely you have all long seen this classic. Actually I had seen it a couple of times myself, but for some reason there was no review here yet, so… In a brilliant part, Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, a complete yup who, with his friends/colleagues, likes to discuss business cards, expensive suits and women/relationships and while at home he has extensive monologues about 80’ies popmusic. Bateman has a darker side though and this results in some pretty over-the-top violent scenes. The film is a great watch and should you for whatever reason haven’t seen it yet, my advice is to watch it afterall.

I Shot Andy Warhol * Mary Harron * 1996

I suppose you all saw this film, but in case you didn’t, it is about Valerie Solanas an extremist feminist with a temper. Trying to get her message spread, she gets involved in the group around Andy Warhol who eventually falls victim to her illusions. “I Shot Andy Warhol” is a nice film about some weird youth subcultures in New Yorks 60’ies and an insight in the mad mind of the shooter of Warhole who appears to me a little like a female en feminist Unabomber.