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Glass – M. Night Shyamalan (2019)


Shyamalan is not exactly one of my favourite directors, but “Glass” has Samuel L. Jackson and Bruce Willis, so I gave it a go. Unfortunately my idea about Shyamalan is supported. “Glass” is quite a terrible film…

The director tried to make a balance between comic and reality. We start with the super-hero and super-villain who both are ‘just above human’. They are apprehended and treated for their condition.

The facility houses three people who think they are super-human comic actors which they cannot be and later of course they appear they can. Some ‘comic logic’ gives the film an annoyingly explanatory feel, so much even that it is actually a drama.

Willis and Jackson do not make the film any more interesting. Acting-wise some praise has to be given to James McAvoy though. His character houses 24 personalities which switch every few seconds.

I am afraid that I can make much more of this film but: boring. I did sit it out, so it was not awful.

Signs * M. Night Shyamalan * 2002

I actually didn’t want to see this film. I didn’t like “Sixth Sense” (of the same director) and “Others” and didn’t even watch the rest of the ‘supernatural thrilllers’ In the end I got “Signs” in a cheap rental-pack of 5 others. Anyway, I will be short about this one: it is terrible!!. This film comes way after the X-Files-hype was over, the story stinks and is incorrect and unbelievable on several points, the acting isn’t too great, but especially the aliens are a catastrophe! They look like men with suits on…