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Luc Besson

Anna – Luc Besson (2019)

  • action

The Russian Anna has a tough life when she gets recruited (quite forcibly) by the secret service. After a year of training, she is appointed some heavy job after some even heavier tests.

Here we have the basis of a film with a pretty woman in an action film. The trailer shows some over the top action, but not the entire film is like that.

Being a spy film, “Anna” has a story with espionage, counter espionage, intrigue, etc. so it the side Anna works for switches all the time. Anna apparently tries to play out her employers against each other to get out of a life that she does not really want.

The film fairly violent with, as said, some over the top action and descent story.

Le Cinquième Élément – Luc Besson (1997)

So why had I not seen this film? A nice over-the-top sci-fi action comedy.

“The Fifth Element” begins as a somewhat corny mix between “Indiana Jones” and “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy“. Then we go fast forward to a weird future which could have come from the pen of Terry Gilliam. Well, the film is not as good as the “Hitchhiker’s Guide” or “Zero Theorem“, but it sure is entertaining.

Bruce Willis is amusing as taxi-driver Korben Dallas who literally catches a girl called Leeloo and then has to save her in order to save the world. Of course some bad guys are after her as well (Gary Oldman as Zorg) which results in space chases through weird cities and with odd characters.

Lucy * Luc Besson (2014)

A story similar to “Limitless“, but less glorious. Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) accidentally gets a new experimental drug in her system that enhances the part of her brain that she uses. Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) has a theory about the abilities of a human being when he can use more than the normal 10% and Lucy appears to be prove of that.

The theory, and hence the film, has soms enormous ‘unlikelynesses’. Why would more brain activity give somebody power over matter? For this reason “Lucy” has too many yeah-right-moments and in the parts when the film tries to come accross intelligently (explainatory) are not always very convincing. And so “Lucy” grows out to be an action film which slowly becomes a bit of one of those hip recent scifi mysteries, but then a few levels down a title such as “Inception“. The acting is not wholly convincing all the time either.