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Louis Leterrier

Transporter 2 – Louis Leterrier (2005)

A Jason Stratham action. That says enough, does it not?

Stratham is a driver who drives a kid to school and back. it soon becomes clear that he only does so in between other jobs. He is indeed a transporter, but of another kind.

The kid gets kidnapped and Stratham turns into the one man army to retrieve the kid.

The Incredible Hulk * Louis Leterrier (2008)

I do not remember much of the old Hulk films (or were it series?), but I got curious about this new one because of its star-team. “The Incredible Hulk” turned out to be but a Hollywood spectacle.

Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) was a scientist experimenting for the army with the creation of a super soldier. He conducted the investigation in commissioned by General Ross (William Hurt) and together with the generals daughter Betty (Liv Taylor). Of course the experiment ran out of hand and we find Banner fleeing from the general trying to control his anger that induces his ‘Hulkness’. Of course he is helped by Betty.

The general is aided in his search by Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) who tries to fight the Hulk with his own weapons. This of course leads to a lot of collateral damage, allowing the director to make a spectacle. The story unfields along predictable lines leading towards a predictable end.

Weak, at best “The Incredible Hulk” is somewhat amusing.

Now You See Me * Louis Leterrier (2013)

In 2006 there was “The Prestige” of Christopher Nolan. Also a film about illusionists. And was there not another film around that time with the same theme? In any case, “Now You See Me” is also a film about ‘magicians’ (in the entertainment sense of the word) and, like “The Illusionist” is did not work out too well.

Leterrier portrays the spectacle of four gifted, yet different, illusionists who start to work together on gigantic shows. Their tricks become more and more pompous with a stab towards society. In one show they rob a Parisian bank during a show in Las Vegas. Of course they have the police on their heels who try to watch their every step. Also on their heels is the Thaddeus Bradley, an illusionist who found out that more money can be made by explaining magic than by making it.

Of course the film takes a few obligatory turns to come to the all explaining conclusion at the pretty poor end. That and a few weak scenes and dialogues make the film at its best moments somewhat entertaining, but overall a fairly typical and not too good Hollywood production.