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Lodge Kerrigan

Keane – Lodge Kerrigan (2004)

This film is somewhat uncomfortable. William Keane’s seven year old daughter disappeared a few months ago and Keane has lost his mind. We very closely follow Keane who appears to be schizophrenic and developing paranoia.

He keeps coming back to the place where he last saw his daughter, talking to himself, trying to find out what happened. He also seems to be trying to relive moments spent with his daughter.

Keane is far from home. He rents a hotel room in the city where his daughter was possibly kidnapped. In that hotel he meets another seven year old girl.

Yes, ‘up close and personal’ that describes the film. It is not an easy watch. Not because it is very heavy or weird, but mostly because you feel sorry for the man. Quite a feat of actor Damian Lewis.

Clean, Shaven * Lodge Kerrigan (1993)

This film has been on my wish-list for a while, but not for 17 years I guess? “Clean, Shaven” is an impressive film which looks in the head of the schizophrenic Peter Greene. Hypnotic images, a ‘dark ambient / noise’ soundtrack, alternated with relatively ‘normal filming’. The film is quite bloody at times and highly suggestive. In fact, the box suggests another twist to the story than what I thought of it myself. “Clean, Shaven” is a very nice watch for people who enjoy watching another kind of film.