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Leos Carax

Holy Motors * Leos Carax (2012)

  • mystery

The story of this film is so weird that I had to see it. Fortunately I live in one of the few cities where it plays. The film is even weirder than what I read about it. Carax had some ideas a decade or so ago, but did not get the finance he needed because his films did not sell that well. Now Carax put all those ideas in one ‘film’. We follow monsieur Oscar who crosses Paris in his limousine driving from assignment to assignment. In each one of those he dresses up as someone else and he appears to play some major role in people’s lives. But M. Oscar does not really appear human, also there are more of his kind. Besides, there are scenes way too weird to even be anything. There is no continuing story, some parts seem to explain something, but “Holy Motors” is mostly a collection of strange ideas. Mostly interesting, but the last parts are not very strong. Strange, even when you are used to films of David Lynch and similar. When you like strange, you might want to watch “Holy Motors” some time.