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Len Wiseman

Total Recall – Len Wiseman (2012)

A movie with the same title as the 1990 classic of Paul Verhoeven with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Would it be a remake, a sequel? Neither I guess.

Colin Farrell plays Douglas Quaid who lives in a dystopian future world in which only the area around London and a part of Australia are still habitable. Australia has become a ghetto, London the area of rich people. Both areas are connected with “the fall”, an elevator straight through the earth core.

Quaid lives the simple life of a working bee, but when he visits a company where you can buy memories, he turns into a superman-type character, perhaps a spy, perhaps not.

This “Total Recall” has elements of the Verhoeven movie, but basically it is a new movie. An alright sci-fi action.

Underworld * Len Wiseman (2003)

  • action

We spent last weekend on one of the Dutch islands and one night wanted to watch a film. We found but one place in a nearby small town where they sold DVDs. The choice was very meager, but very cheap. This is good, because “Underworld” is not worth much more than € 1,50! The box quotes a reviewer saying that the film reminds of “The Matrix“, but more tense. Well, “Blade” would have been a better comparison, since there is no “Matrix” in “Underworld” safe for a tight latex suit for the main female character and things running over walls and ceilings. The story is about an eternal war between vampires and werewolves, but there is but little credibility in the storyline and the drama is way too obvious. Based on that thin story comes thin action and cheesy special-effects. Nope, I will not recommend you to way this film. Still it seems that there are a few more of them.