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Josh Trank

Capone – Josh Trank (2020)

  • drama

Not very well received this film about a 47-year-old Al Capone. Tom Hardy is the leading part was the main reason to watch it nonetheless.

I guess many people expected a “Scarface” type maffia film about Capone, while actually this film is a drama about the man’s last year in which he deteriorates rapidly.

Capone spent years in prison. At an early age he got syphilis which starts to seriously attack his nervous system. Capone gets so bad that he is allowed to leave prison and is place under house arrest. There he founds out that his family has serious financial problems and has started to sell items from the house.

Initially Capone is only not too mobile, but for the rest not too bad. It soon becomes clear that the decease also attacks his brain and the rest of is body. Capone’s paranoia starts to take over which results in a few strange dream-like scenes.

Word is that Capone hid a big amount of money somewhere, so everybody tries to pick the information about the whereabouts of the money from the rapidly fleeing memory.

“Capone” is mostly a drama. It has some grim humor partly about Capone’s situation. If you do not expect a maffia crime movie, “Capone” is actually a descent film.

Chronicle * Josh Trank (2012)

This was airplane film number two. The trailer opens as an irritating teenage film, but suggests something darker towards the end, so I watched it. Three teenager find some mysterious gigantic diamond in a hole in the ground. Having spent some time with it, they develop superpowers. Somehow they can ‘will’ things to happen. Initially having a lot of fun testing their new abilities, things to wrong when for one of the three anger gets in the way. The initial light film develops towards an over the top action thriller with tons of special effects. This does not make “Chronicle” (the title is unclear to me by the way) a very interesting film though, but if you like special effects action movies, this one could be for you.