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El Aura * Fabián Bielinsky (2005)

From the director of “Nueve Reinas” comes another nice film. “The Aura” is about a man dreaming of the perfect crime. By means of his superb memory he thinks it should be easy to become rich. He has two problems though.
“El Aura” plays in Argentinia (I think) and is a very moody, slow and minimalistic film in which the sound is often replaced by music. Esteban is a not too exciting character, but his slow pace takes the viewer into his world. The setting are vast woods, the atmosphere is quite dreamy even more so because of Esteban’s illness.
“El Aura” surely is not a must-see, but whenever you get the change to see it on TV or so, I suggest you take it.

Nueve Reinas * Fabián Bielinsky * 2000

nine queens

“For people who like Memento and Amores Perros” the cover of my rental version said. Well, the story is much more like Christopher Nolans (of Memento) older film “Following”. Anyway, “Nine Queens” is about two small time crooks who accidentally run into eachother and decide to work together for one day. They filch some peoples money and then get a bigger job than they are used to: selling nine very expensive stamps. The whole film you are made to wonder who is fooling who, which is the whole idea of the film so I won’t say anything more. Nice film. <3>