Edgar Wright

Baby Driver – Edgar Wright (2017)

This could well be(come) a modern classic. “Baby Driver” is a hip and well-written action film with good humor and great use of music. Especially in the first part, the music and film are integrated to the extreme.

The title refers to a young man who drive getaway cars for bank robbers. He is a music addict who times his job with his music. Most other characters prove to be music lovers too, so that makes a big theme for the film.

The story is perhaps not really surprising, but it contains nice details and a lot of good and subtle humor.

Recommended when you are out to watch something light.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World * Edgar Wright (2010)

The owner of my usual DVD-rental was surprised that this film is picked out so little when it has a 7.8 on IMdB (when he made his note). Perhaps this is because the film is too ‘teeny’. I have not seen a film that I think is similar, “Kickass”, but I thought “Kickass” would be targeted at the teenage audience and “Scott Pilgrim” less so. Well, “Scott Pilgrim” is a teenager film… Every other word is “so” for example. I do not know if that is meant to be funny, but these I find these “I am so gonna kick your ass”, “That is so not gonna happen”, lines annoying. What is more funny is the comics/computergame montage. Fighting goes with “wack”s and “whop”s as text in the screen, a phone rrrrrrrrrrrrrings and blows are granted with the points and sounds of a computer game. The main character is a geeky boy who plays in a punky popband and tries to navigate the minefields of love. The thin story involves several enemies trying to beat up Scott, but using his fighting and bass-playing skills, he usually gets through allright. The film is comic-like over-the-top with flying fights, people bashing through several walls without much consequences, etc. etc. This results in some funny moments and especially the eye-blinding flashy opening sequence and the closing scene are very amusing. Overall the film is a bit too thin and the humour is not strong enough to make up for the 7.8 on IMdB in my opinion. On my scale Scott comes at the average of 2.5 out of 5.

Hot Fuzz * Edgar Wright * 2007

Hot Fuzz“Hot Fuzz” is a British police comedy with a story reminding of “The Stepford Wives” and of course of load of “Police Academy” or “Naked Gun”, but with more subtle humour. Rather silly and not the best British humour that I know, but with the over-the-top ending and a good joke here and there not a bad watch.