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Duncan Jones

Mute – Duncan Jones (2018)

I actually wanted to watch some sort of fast action film, but instead I got a drama with some thriller and action elements playing in the future.

The setting seems to be Berlin from before the wall, but then in the future. Barman Leo falls in love with a colleague, but then she disappears. Trying to find out what happened to her, Leo lands in the world of organised crime.

“Mute” has got some great stages and weird scenes reminding of the films of Terry Gilliam and the like. Then there is some not-too-strong Hollywood action and ‘mystery’ and a very weak story. currently has the film at 5.4 which does not do justice some to good findings and great scenes, but overall I must say that once again this Netflix film is alright, but not really good.

Source Code * Duncan Jones (2011)

Ah yes, another scifi with a difficult story. Perhaps I had better seen this film of Duncan “Moon” Jones when it came out. Now it is pretty much overshadowed by similar films such as “Transcendence“, “Oblivion“, “Interstellar“, “Sunshine” and especially “Edge of Tomorrow“. The story is quite a bit like that of the latter title.

In “Source Code” an elaborate theory is worked out to explain how a soldier kan keep repeating eight minutes in a train to find the person who bombed it. The result has some obvious similarities with “Edge of Tomorrow” (or actually the other way around of course) which works with a similar theme.

I actually find the title of the film and the concept that is given the term “source code” the weaker part of the film. The eight minute repeat is worked out well enough, however there are no surprises in the story.

A film to see if you cannot get enough of the ‘difficult’ scifi genre (because that is what is becomes with so many titles).

Moon * Duncan Jones (2009)

I have to admit that it was that nice cover that kept asking for my attention and in the end I decided to just rent this film and watch it. “Moon” is a very nice scifi, a bit in the style of the big old productions such as “Solyaris” or “Soylent Green”, with a suggestive, uncanny atmosphere. We see a man living alone on the moon, working for an energy company. Just when his three year contract runs to an end, things do not go too well for Sam. “Moon” has a nice story that not just works towards a ‘revelation’. Instead the story bears different ‘revelations’. The atmosphere is good, the acting too. One minor point is the very end of the film. “Moon” is a film for people who enjoy ‘old-style’ science fiction.