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David Michod

The Rover * David Michôd (2014)

Eric’s (Guy Pearce) car gets stolen by a bunch of criminals on the run and he starts a pursuit through the desolate landscape of Australia.

“The Rover” is very slow, minimalistic and raw. The characters do not seem to care much about a lot and the viewer does not really get the story about the different people. The atmosphere reminds of the Coen films “Fargo” and “No Country For Old Men“, but then without the humour.

A film for winter nights.

Animal Kingdom * David Michôd (2010)“Animal Kingdom” is a descent thriller/drama about a criminal family. The film opens with a pretty black scene after which the main character, Joshua, is taken in with his larger family under the motherly care of his grandmother. Pretty soon ‘J’ is submurged in the violent world of his cousins and uncles. When the police (mainly the moustaches Guy Pearce) think Joshua might be a way to take care of the family, things get rough.

Like I said, a descent film.