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Mystic River – Clint Eastwood (2003)

Eastwood has created a descent drama which plays in the 1950’ies USA. An Italian (?) (maffia) family is shook up when the eldest daughter is found dead. A policeman with close connections to the family investigates the murder and the father uses his own network to find the killer.

“Mystic River” shows how old structures collide with new and has a few twists to prove that not everything is what is seems to be.

Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil * Clint Eastwood (1997)

Eastwood takes his time to tell the story of the writer John Celso (John Cusack) who would initially cover the Christmas party of the rich Jim Williams (Kevin Spacey), but the project becomes a book about Williams shooting Billy Hanson (Jude Law).

In a slow pace the story unfolds and characters develop. There is plenty of time for side-stories and after a while a more social theme bubbles up (almost) pushing the main story to the background.

The film has got some odd characters bringing some humor to it.

“Midnight” is certainly a good film, but not really my kind. 155 Minutes is fairly long, but it does not become boring. It is the kind of film to just watch some time when you have a night to fill.

Changeling * Clint Eastwood (2008)

However my girlfriend always wants to see psychological thrillers (of James Bond) she now came home with this true story drama. Christine Collins’ (Angelina Jolie) son is abducted from her house and after 5 months the LAPD reunites mother and son. The boy is not Collins’ son though and with the help of a pastor (John Malkovich) she starts to question the LAPD who on their turn expose their power. The events are too strange to be true when we look at them from our own time, but apparently this is what happened. Not a superb film, but not a boring one. It has nice 20’ies settings and descent acting.