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A Field In England – Ben Wheatley (2013)


This film has probably been on my wishlist since it came out, but was not too easy to find. It was worth the wait though!

In some British war, an unlikely combination of three men drop out of the fighting and try to make their way to an ale-house one of them saw. Two ruffians and a more nerdy type working for a mysterious master. On their way they run into the person the nerd was after, a dark magician (alchemist) who took off with something that belongs to his master. The magician has other plans with the party.

In a particular field, he hopes to find a treasure and he manipulates the three men into finding the spot and digging it up.

The film looks much older than it is, more like a black-and-white 1950’ies film with rough dialogues and weird characters. The film contains highly amusing dialogues with a lot of black humor. As the film continues there are a couple of very vague hallucinatory scenes. There are some other elements which are not clear if they are meant to be real or imagined.

Indeed, a strange, moody and very enjoyable film.

Kill List * Ben Wheatley (2011)

“Kill List” is a film that you (indeed) best know not too much about before watching it. It is not like it has an extremely elaborate story, but it unfolds nicely and almost anything I say will be foretelling. We mostly follow Jay, a husband with a short fuse who fights a lot with his beautiful wife Shel. Jay has an old buddy, Gal, who also appears to be a colleague. The two take up a job that does not go exactly as they expected. Of course the title of the film already says something about the story, so adding that the film is pretty violent at times will not spoil too much. A thing that you do might want to know is that towards the end of the film Wheatley goes loose big time with an ending unfit for people who like a straight story.