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Andrew Niccol

Gattaca – Andrew Niccol (1997)

The film is older than I thought. So old even that I may have seen it before. 20 Years is not that long ago though, so it is quite funny to see how old the opening credits for example look.

The film gets quite a rating on IMDb, which is probably one of the reasons that I picked it out. Personally I think “Gattaca” is entertaining, but 7.8 out of 10?

In a near future most people are born by picking the best match. Every now and then a ‘child of God’ is born in which everything is left to chance. These people are not as perfect as the rest and are thus regarded degenerate. There are many swift tests to see how perfect somebody is. This has become the norm for many things in life.

Vincent is one of these ‘degenerates’, but he has set his mind on going on one of the many space missions. In order to do so, he has to be one of the elites, so he finds a way to fake his identity. Then a murder occurs of which the degenerate is the natural suspect, so Vincent is being hunt down by the police.

A descent story, well shot, good acting of good actors, “Gattaca” is indeed a good film, but I did not find it great.

In Time * Andrew Niccol (2011)

I heard this was a strange film, but when I saw Justin Timberlake on the cover, I already figured that might not be alltogether true. Indeed, “In Time” is a typical Hollywood action thriller, but then with (agreed) a somewhat uncommon story. Somewhere in the future time has become the currency, people literally pay for things with their lives. Everybody has a certain amount of time and a bread costs them a day so to speak. When you run out, you die. Of course people can also earn time. People’s “clock”s have been worked out quite silly and the writers of the film seemed to have tried to put as many ambiguous expressions in the first part of the film (“do you have a minute?”, that sort of things). The first part became too dull. Fortunately, when the action thriller elements come in, things get better, a bit at least. For the ladies, I can say that Timberlake can actually act. For the gentlemen, a part of the story is that nobody gets a body that ages beyond 25, so Niccol only used young and attractive actors. The overall result is an allright, but not very interesting film. The good side is that it gives a rather crude view on capitalism.