à l’Aveugle * Xavier Palud (2012)

“à l’Aveugle” starts as a serial killer horror/thriller, but fortunately quickly develops to a crime film. The troubled police officer Lassalle investigates seemingly unrelated brutal murders together with his young protege Héloïse. Soon his suspision falls on the blind man (from the title) Narvik (Lambert Wilson, the Merovignian from “The Matrix” films). This Narvik is […]

TRON * Steven Lisberger (1982)

Every now and then I run into some classic that I (think I) have not seen. This time this was a 1982 science-fiction. Watching “TRON” I was wondering how long there had been computers in 1982. I remember my father buying a Vic20, probably around that time, so I could not have been that long. […]

Underworld * Len Wiseman (2003)

We spent last weekend on one of the Dutch islands and one night wanted to watch a film. We found but one place in a nearby small town where they sold DVDs. The choice was very meager, but very cheap. This is good, because “Underworld” is not worth much more than € 1,50! The box […]

V For Vendetta * James McTeige * 2005

It is the year 2020. The United States no longer exist after a serious (biological) war. The situation in the former USA was misused by a British politician who managed to establish a totalitarian dictatorship holding the middle between the ‘Orwellian’ world of 1984, the Nazi reign of Germany and the communistic terror in the […]