American Horror Story Roanoke (series) – Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy (season 6 2016/7)

Reading back my reviews of previous seasons I see that I am seldom overly enthousiastic about “American Horror Story”, yet my memories usually seem more positive. My first thought about “Roanoke” is that it is the least interesting season so far. Looking back I remember the first season as alright, of the third, fourth and […]

American Horror Story Coven * Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy (season 3 2013)

The second season of “American Horror Story” was great, so I was curious what the third season would be like. The story this time is about a home for young witches. Jessica Lange has a part comparable to the previous season. Fitting with the ‘concept’ of the series, there are other actors from previous seasons […]

American Horror Story (series) * Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy (season 1 2011)

“American Horror Story” is not a horror show with zombies and vampires. Rather it is a drama series with (quite a lot of) horror elements. The show can be quite bloody, but seldom really scary. A family with a troubled past moves into a massive 18th century house where all previous inhabitents who died there, […]

Bird Box – Susanne Bier (2018)

Sandra Bullock and droopy face Sarah Paulson (who plays in all “American Horror Story” seasons) in an apocalyptic action film. Would that be something? It’s also a Netflix original… Some sort of creatures roam the earth. When you see one, you become suicidal. A few people have figured that out before it was too late […]

Horsemen * Jonas Ã…kerlund (2009)

I got this film in the library and there was some confusion with another film called “The Horseman” by Steven Kastrissios. That film is described as a drama that becomes a thriller and eventually a Saw-like cruel horror. I am not interested in these Saw-clones and for “(The) Horsemen” by Ã…kerlund my expectations were for […]