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Gadjo Dilo * Tony Gatlif * 1997

I had seen this film before, but I didn’t review it for some reason. I have known about it since it came out, but didn’t go to see it when it played in the cinemas. For on tv it is nice enough to watch though.

“Gadjo Dilo” means “the crazy stranger” and this seems to be the American title for the film too. It is a Romanian film playing in Romania. Stéphane is a french young man whose father had travelled all across the globe looking for authentic folkloristic music which he recorded. In the days before he died he played nothing but one gypsy-song that he loved. Stéphane is destined to find the singer of that song, so we find him travelling in Romania without a clue where to look. He ends up in a gypsy community and the film is almost entirely about the differences between the cultures. Stéphane only speaks French, the gypsies (except one young woman) only Romani. You get a very good idea of the gypsy life, their overemotionality (actually they overdo everything), etc. A nice film with funny moments first at an easy pace, at the end a lot of music and dancing.

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