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The Tomb * Michael Staininger (2009)

“From the writer and producer of The Crow”, “Edgar Allan Poe’s Ligeia”. That is what the box says that I have here laying besides me and I fell for it. When trying to find the poster and IMdB info I had to conclude that this is all a bit too promising. The story is losely based Poe’s “Ligeia” and the person who turned the story into a filmscript (John Stirley) also worked on the story of The Crow 15 years ago. The director is a debutant and when the original title would have been on the box, I doubt I would have taken it from the shelve. Staininger seems to have tried to make some kind of updated gothic horror. The result is not really boring, but nothing above average either. The story is thin, but alright, the images and special effects are too. A young woman does anything for eternal life and drags a professor of literature with an interest in “the macabre” into her experiments. Nothing you should go out to see, but not a complete waste of time should you see it.

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