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Fight Club * David Fincher * 1999

However I have known about this film I never watched it since action-movies are not realy my kind of film. In the end it turned out to be a bit more than an action film: a violent lesson in Zen!
What did I say there? Yes, read it again: a violent lesson in Zen.

Edward Norton plays Jack who is bored by his life as an insurance inspector who suffers from severe insomnia. Accidentally he runs into Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) and the two become friends. After finding out about their mutual love for fighting and pain, they set up a fight club where strangers can beat the shit out of eachother and still become friends. Fight Club slowly evolves to become an anarchistic/terroristic organisation lead by Jack and Tyler.

Tyler has the strangest philosophy of life which gets pretty close to what you hear from the Buddhist corner of Zen at times. He wants Jack and later his other students to become unattached by the material world, fame, appearance, etc. Also he says that the destruction of life (your own or that of others) will result in higher appreciation of it, but death is something to definately not worry about. During the film Tyler says a lot of things which are in total contrast to his lifestyle and it seems that through violence he wants to reach harmony with himself and the world. Taking ascesitism and self-mutilation to extremes, I like the idea of Fincher and his story.

What I don’t like too much is the end which is very Matrix/Existenz-like. Also the length is a bit overdone (135 min). But overall “Fight Club” is better than I expected and it reveals some strange abnormalities in peoples (spiritual) lifes to extremes.

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