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Antichrist * Lars von Trier (2009)

So what is the fuss around this film? Even though I had but little expectations for it, I was still disappointed. There is a thin story about a couple who loose their son and all the sudden the woman is afraid of Satan and the grass, oh wait, she already was before. The dialogues are dull and in bad English and the scene is not more shocking than an exploding head in a zombie-film. I think I missed something? So is “Antichrist” an awfull film? That would go too far, since Von Trier presents beautiful images, dark Lynchian scenes and a few interesting filmographic experiments. Personally I think that is all that is to it though.

2 thoughts on “Antichrist * Lars von Trier (2009)”

  1. What is this ? / A professional critic?

    Of course not/

    And what can I say about people who don’t know anything about art ? ..

    Or worse / people who forget that sensation is the commanding tool to experiment LIFE


  2. He Job. No I’m not a professional film critic, I’m just a guy watching films and writing about that. I guess “Antichrist” is a ‘love it or hate it’ film and I didn’t like it. That’s it.

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