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Un Long Dimanche De Fiançailles * Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2004)

Apparently I missed a Jeunet, his forlast one. “A Very Long Engagement” is not an absurd comedy such as his last film. In fact, it is mostly a drama, but with a few of the typical Jeunet weird humorous elements. Also there is this slightly surreastic atmosphere, just as in “Amélie”. Of course the presence of Audrey Tatou as main character adds to the comparison with Jeunet’s previous film. Mathilde either or not lost her fiancee in Word War I and she starts looking for him. “Un Long Dimanche…” has a lot of war-scenes, dreamy Jeunet-scenes of Mathilde’s time and a stack of actors that Jeunet always seems to call when he wants to make a film. Recognisable but different, “Un Long Dimanche…” is a very good film with great camera-work and colours, subtle humour and great findings in the story-line.

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