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Micmacs à Tire-Larigot * Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2009)

Just over a week ago I saw a preview of this film in a New York cinema. Excited by the idea to see a Jeunet on the big screen we now pull a DVD off the rental shelve. So far the happy prospect…
Jeunet created another weird film with absurd characters and situations and great findings, but the setting is more realistic (relatively of course) as in “Delicatessen” or “City Of Lost Children”. An employer of a videostore’s life goes down when he accidentally gets a bullit in his head. With the help of new found friends he decides to take revenge on the owner of the factory of that bullit. If you saw a Jeunet film before, you will understand that this thin plot will be worked out into all kinds of crazy extremes. “Micmacs” is good and funny, but does not reach the level of the previously mentioned masterpieces. Still a much better comedy than the usual Hollywood stuff though and if you like Jeunet’s film, I suggest you just see this one too. Not as sweet as “Amélie”, not as dark as “Delicatessen”, Jeunet somewhere in between.

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