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Sauna * Antti-Jussi Annila (2008)

Unfortunately I had to watch this film on a laptop, so the sound- and videoexperience are probably not what they should have been. Moreover the film is slow and vague and I think I have missed a thing or two. The story seems to be about a group of men who have to establish the borders between Russia and Sweden (or Finland?) after a 25 years war. Eerik has fought in the bloody was and his younger brother Knut did not. During their travels the group stumbles upon a mysterious village with an even more mysterious sauna. Eerik’s past seems to come hunting him.
“Sauna” has a very pressing and mysterious atmosphere using grim images of the present and dark images for flashbacks to tell a story that I did not entirely comprehend. It looks very nice, but I need to see it again on a bigger screen and with better sound some time.

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