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Mr. Harrigan’s Phone – John Lee Hancock (2022)

  • drama

Donald Sutherland (RIP) is mr. Harrigan, a wealthy businessman who spends his last years in rural USA. When his sight becomes less, he hires a young boy to read for him three times a week.

For about six years Craig goes to Harrigan’s enormous house to read for him. Of course Craig ages and the world changes as well. Smartphones are introduced and Craig gives mr. Harrigan’s an iPhone 1.

Initially Harrigan is sceptical, but when he finds out that the information on the phone is more current than that in his newspaper, he becomes interested.

One day Craig finds mr. Harrigan dead, but somehow his telephone lives on.

The film is based on a short story of Stephen King, who also produced the film. It is mostly a drama with some ‘supernatural’ elements, but no horror or even reach thriller elements. Not bad.

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