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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga – George Miller (2024)

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At least this second Mad Max revamp is again from the original director. As the title suggests, this time there is no character called “Mad Max” as there was in “Fury Road“.

As it should be in a Mad Max film, we are looking at a dystopian future in which violent gangs with monstrous vehicles fight over water and gazoline. Early in the film, a girl is kidnapped from an oasis and held captive by the frivolous gang leader Dementus (Chris Hemsworth). By the time she grows up, “Furiosa” is played by Anya Taylor Joy who -needless to say- has the role a revenging one girl army. Well, perhaps not entirely one girl.

Miller again presents enormous monster trucks, hundreds of motor bikes, weird gang members and brutal villains driving through vast deserts with here and there an industrial stronghold. Again there is not too much of a story and again the movie is fairly enjoyable, but not as great as the originals.

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