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Priscilla – Sofia Coppola (2023)

Based on the memoirs of Priscilla Presley (1945-) and also produced by her, Sofia Coppola told her side of the story of the famous marriage to Elvis. Unfortunately, Coppola did not use ‘her style’ as much as in other films.

Stationed in West Germany, Elvis misses the USA and he meets a girl of 14 who had just moved there with her family. In spite of her age, Elvis takes a liking in Priscilla and the two meet more and more often. Elvis can move back to the States before Priscilla does. Even though he is successfull as a musician and is a rising star on the silver screen, always having countless women swarming around him, Elvis remains in contact with Priscilla. He even has her come over.

Elvis is portrayed as an honorable man who wants to be no more than a friend until Priscilla is of age. When she is, the two get married. Another side of Elvis is clearly shown as well: he knows exactly what he wants and when and Priscilla is to have no opinion of her own. The two get a daughter, but the marriage is not meant to last, as Priscilla also wants a life of her own.

Coppola made a nice biography showing the events from the meeting of the two, until when Priscilla leaves the house. The story is not exactly the same as actual events, which suggests that we are really looking at Priscilla’s side of the story.

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