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Titans (series) – Berlanti / Goldsman / Johns (2018-2023)

A while ago I was looking for another series to watch when I have some time to kill. On Netflix I ran into “Titans”. The series open with a beautiful lady who lost her memory. After a while she meets a group of ‘superheroes’ (the Titans) and there proves to be a Batman connection to the story. The group is led by Dick Grayson, a runaway Robin who is still somewhat in contact with Bruce Wayne.

There are other “Titans”, an emo-type girl, a boy who can change into a tiger, but also you more typical comic book heroes in fancy clothing either with just weapons or some supernatural skill.

In four seasons some heroes come and go. Every so often a new arch-villain has to be found. Needless to say that there is drama. Not all characters are very interesting and the writing is not too great either. It frequently seems as if suddenly somebody thinks there should be a plot twist and one storyline is wrapped up and another started within one episode. The Titans are always out to save the world.

The series are not boring, but they are not great either.

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