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The Mexican – Gore Verbinski (2001)

  • comedy

Brad Pitt is amusing as goofy criminal for hire Jerry Welbach whose last assignments did not go as his boss had hoped. His last task will be to pick up an elaborate gun in Mexico, a country where Jerry had never been.

His girlfriend (Julia Roberts) is not amused and decides to visit Las Vegas without Jerry. Needless to say that in Mexico things do not go as planned. Jerry not only looses his contact, but also his rental car and the gun. There are more people after the gun and one group thinks it will help them if they kidnap Samantha (Roberts).

Mildly amusing dialogues, especially between Samantha and her kidnapper, mildly amusing situations. The story of the gun itself is woven through the rest of the film. The result is an alright comedy. I had hoped for a little more action though.

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