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Dune: Part Two – Dennis Villeneuve (2024)

I wonder how it comes that this film is so popular (hyped). I do not remember that part one played every hour in every cinema and that millions of people watched it in the first weekend. What is more, apparently Villeneuve takes it for granted that you just saw part 1 (of three years ago) when you watch “part two”.

Part Two just starts where the first movie left off. There is no ‘previously’ no flashbacks, no explanation. You are supposed to know who is who and what is what.

Paul Atreidis is living on the planet Arakis, but not yet the leader he is to become. With the “Fremen” (or actually: half of them) he tries to fight off the Harkonen who want their economically interesting planet back.

Just like the first part Part Two is extremely bombastic, dramatic and in many respects overdone. It is again a great looking film, but it really looks like one episode in a series. It just stops after about three hours. How many more parts is Villeneuve going to use to tell this tiny story in the “Dune” series of books?

For an overview of the story, it helps if you watch the (more interesting in my opinion David Lynch version of the film first.

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