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Page Eight – David Hare (2011)

  • thriller

A descent political thriller in which we follow Johnny Worricker a long time diplomat working for MI5. His boss is his former tutor Benedict Baron. Worricker is modest and charming elderly man who knows how the dice roll.

His boss gives him a file which he says is important. During a meeting with a minister the importance becomes clearer, but the implications of the contents of the file only because really clear as the film continues.

In the meantime we meet Worricker’s neighbour, his latest wife and their daughter. Carefull as he is, Worricker tries to get an idea if he is being played and who are is friends and allies. He also tries to build a better relationship with his daughter.

The film is calm, but as the viewer gets a feel of how serious the situation is, the tension rises slowly but sure. That is worked out pretty well.

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