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Gandu – Qaushiq Mukherjee (2010)

  • drama

It is not all Bollywood that comes from India. “Gandu” is a very raw rap-punk drama.

The title is a swear word, but used as a reappropriation by the young main character. Apparently living with his mother and her new partner (and off his money) Gandu does nothing with his life but writing rap lyrics and use drugs. His lyrics are about everyday life in an Indian slum with no perspective in life. It are his more adolescent lyrics that make him being picked up as an artist.

We mostly follow Gandu as he steals money from his parents and hangs out with a friend. Cut between these scenes are videoclips of Gandu punk-type rap music. Towards the end he is also able to perform on a stage, making followers and finally losing his virginity in an explicit sex scene.

As I said, a raw film with videoclip-type montage, going from black and white to colour and with explicit lyrics and scenes. A coming raw coming of age from the country of sweet Bollywood.

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