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Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom – James Wan (2023)

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I am starting to loose track of all the different ‘cinematic universes’. I thought “Aquaman” was the character who appears in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever“. That ‘aquaman’ is called “Namor” though and does not really look like “Aquaman”. So my confusion about how a DC Comics character that ended up in a Marvel film is cleared up: it did not.

So why does this Aquaman look so familiar? The character proves to appear in other DC based movies. There is even an “Aquaman” movie from 2018. I do not think I saw that one though. It does seem that Aquaman also apears in “Batman vs Superman” (2016) and I did see that one. So also DC characters appear in different productions.

Anyway, Aquaman is the king of the underwater kingdom Atlantis, but he also has a life on the land. Probably in the earlier film, he killed the father of “Black Manta” who decides to take revenge by not only destroying Atlantis, but the world as a whole. For that he accelerates global warming.

You get your usual humor, fighting spectacles (below and above the water), monsters, villains and everything that you can expect from a comic-based spectacle. The story is rather thin though.

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