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Paradise – Boris Kunz (2023)

A German attempt at a critical science fiction.

In some future it is possible to sell years of your life. The poor can make an extra buck and the rich can buy extra years. It is not even ‘extra years’, you actually buy an age. When you sell 15 years, you get 15 years older within a few days. The years are not just sold, you can also use them as collateral for a loan.

So we follow Max who works at the company buying and selling life’s years and his wife Elena who -unknown to Max- pledged 40 years of her life for the couple to be able to buy a fancy apartment. Needless to say what the story is about.

The improbably red thread probably sounded like a great idea, but the creators of the film did not manage to turn it into a credible story. The story does bring the opportunity to put the magnifier on the difference between rich and poor and ethical questions surrounding this divide.

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