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Godzilla Minus One – Takashi Yamazaki (2023)

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Celebrating 70 years of Godzilla, Yamazaki decided not to make a Hollywood blockbuster, but a Japanese film just like the Japanese monster deserves. This has pluses and minuses.

The acting is not always very convincing. Especially when a character cries this is very overdone. There are some more of such minor details that would probably have looked different in a Hollywood production. On the up side, Yamazaki felt no need to make the monster anything than just that: a monster that needs to be destroyed. No need for shallow moralism there. Also ‘very Japanese’ are references to Japanese culture and government, pretty critical at times.

The basic story is about Koichi who failed his duty as Kamikaze pilot during World War II. He survives an attack of Godzilla, but again fails in saving others. Trying to make a living in the rubble that WWII left, he becomes a mine-hunter and in that capacity again encounters Godzilla, which has grown to a gigantic size. People set out to kill the monster before it destroys Tokyo.

Godzilla does not look too great, but I think Yamazaki wanted to stay close to the original design. The movie does have some good looking CGI when Godzilla spreads destruction, so that can -indeed- not have been it.

“Godzilla Minus One” is a classic style monster movie with no surprises. Amusing, and mostly interesting because it seems to be targeted to a Japanese, rather than an international audience.

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