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Money Monster – Jodie Foster (2016)

  • thriller

A couple of Hollywood old-timers joined forces. Foster as director, George Clooney and Julia Roberts in the main parts.

Clooney is great as the ADHD money-TV-show-host Lee Gates who tells his viewers what stocks to buy and what not. The company of one of his recommendations looses an astronomical amount of money and a viewer who lost his money, comes to the studio to get redress.

Gates is taken hostage live on television and Kyle Budwell tries get those responsible for him loosing his money say that they fooled the investors. In doing so Budwell criticizes ‘the system’ and the role that Gates and the big money companies play in this system.

What starts with fear, grows to sympathy and the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. “Money Monster” is an alright thriller with a contemporary, but not too interesting story.

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