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The Sandman – Gaiman / Goyer / Heinberg (series 2022)

Another Neil Gaiman mythological fantasy. “The Sandman” from the title is the lord of dreams, Morpheus. When he gets captured by a wicked magician, the world of dreams crumbles. After a long time Morpheus manages to escape and he tries to set things right. First he has to regain his objects of power.

Morpheus looks like he plays in The Cure. Other characters are more colourful, especially in “the dreaming”. The series jump from ‘real world’ to ‘dream’ scenes. Morpheus meets entities that are either or not friendly towards him and one storyline is pulled up after the other. Also halfway the series seem to jump to a quite different season, while in fact, when I write this, there is only one season. New characters are introduced, even again in the very last episode.

The series are alright. There are many references to mythology, there is the fantasy pomp that you perhaps expect. Some story lines are more interesting than other, the same goes for the range of characters that pass by.

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