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Blue Beetle – Angel Manuel Soto (2023)

  • action

Besides the Marvel comics and franchise, there is also DC Comics. “Blue Beetle” is one such DC.

Quite like “Iron Man” and “Antman“, “Blue Beetle” introduces a super hero. As in both named films, technology makes a common man that super hero. Jaime accidentally finds a artificial blue beetle who takes over his body, turning him into a fighting machine. There is the usual story in which a professor tried to make a device to help humanity while his former companions have other plans trying to use the technology for their own selfish means. Needless to say that the bad guys come after Jaime and also needless to say that there is an evil counterpart to the blue beetle making sure there are some spectacular fighting scenes.

The movie makes a stance for the immigrant Mexican community of the USA. The suppressed and often illegal workers who get squashed by the rich. There are some Mexican usages, sometime poking a bit of fun. The blue beetle becomes the hero of the suppressed.

Action, humor, technology and a lot of collateral damage. Pretty ladies, romance, all the usual ingredients are present. “Blue Beetle” looks as good as a Marvel film too. The film ends with a massive cliffhanger, so I suppose the follow up is already in the making.

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