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Linkeroever * Pieter van Hees (2008)

Another good Belgian film! We follow the sportive girl Marie (played by the beautifull Eline Kuppens in one of her first parts) who in a peak in her running carreer is confronted with a strange illness that prevents her from running. The pain of that eases somewhat when she meets Bob (played by ‘veteran’ Matthias Schoenaerts) and a passionate relationship soon develops. Bob lives at “Linkeroever” (‘left bank’), the modern part of the city of Antwerpen at the other side of the river Schelde. Things go downward for Marie though and not only her physical, but also mental health takes a dive. Following this, the film itself slowly grows darker and darker and stranger and stranger. The story is nice, but has a few weak spots. The film as a whole is very convincing with good acting, nice camera work and a descent atmosphere. The story and the way the film evolves reminds quite a bit of “Riget“, by the way. Highly recommended!

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