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Death Race: Beyond Anarchy – Don Michael Paul (2018)

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I fell for the “Mad Max” type cover for the film on Netflix. “Beyond Anarchy” proves to be the fourth film in a long franchise of “Death Race” movies. It seems that none of the others is available on Netflix in my country.

Indeed a “Mad Max” type story, with a lot of “Running Man” (1987). In a dystopian future, heavy criminals are put behind a massive, walled part of the city. There they built their own economy which heavily leans on a spectacular race in which contestants try to kill each other. The races are professionally filmed and streamed on the dark web. A large part of the income of the city comes from gambling. Outside authorities try to get rid off the leader of that criminal town by driving him to death during one of the races.

The film tries a bit too much to present tough people with ‘heavy’ music (that is not very heavy) and overly ‘tough’ language, nudity and violence. The result is a so-so movie. Alright when you are up for a ‘dystopia’, but certainly not one of the better movies in the style.

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