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Renfield – Chris McKay (2023)

Robert Montague Renfield is a “codependent”. He is dependent on noone less than Dracula. If you look well to the poster on the right, you may see that Dracula is played by Nicholas Cage. How much that man loves over-acting, so he was well-casted for his colourful part.

Dracula has made Renfield his “familiar” a long time ago. It is Renfields job to provide food, while Dracula hides in the shadows. Getting caught up in normal life, visiting self-help groups, Renfield grows away from Dracula and towards the hotheaded police woman Rebecca. Of course Dracula will not have that.

We have a few story lines. Rebecca tries to be a good cop, but is thwarted by her corrupt surroundings. Then we have the almighty crime family Lobo and of course the Renfield/Dracula situation.

In a bit of a screwball style, but with a lot of very bloody fighting scenes (the horror element of the story) we see how Renfield tries to get a normal life, while Dracula plans to wreak havoc on earth.

Nothing you should watch on the big screen. The film is just amusing enough to fill a ‘Netflix’ evening some time perhaps.

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