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Duistere Openbaringen 5

From last Thursday to yesterday the Eindhoven film initiative Broet had its fifth festival Duistere Openbaringen. This festival aims for Dutch and Flemish (but not necessarily Dutch spoken) ‘dark films’. Last year there was a lot of cheesy zombie, but also a few other things. Unfortunately we could only see the last block of short films where we saw the following films:
Het Snoepmonster (the candy monster) of Ruwan Heggelman (8 min) about a monster that eats children who do not give hem enough candy with Halloween. Nothing too special.
Oh, Deer! by Arne Toonen and Jean van der Velde (12 min) an amusing (second favourite of the audience) black comedy about an illegal hunting trip.
The Dark Strain by Jan Nanne (30 min), a more pretentious, but not very convincing horror (especially not when the sound is not synchronous) which plays in a remote building in which party-goers turned into zombies and eat the others. A descent soundtrack, but poor acting.
Beyond Legend by Lauren Müller (6 min). The idea was not even that bad, but the result is too short to be worked out well and the acting is not very convincing either. Three grufties walk through a haunted building.
De Camera by Fabian van der Dongen (8 min). It seems that Van der Dongen had something to do with Horizonica and is working on a full-length (or at least longer) film, but his contribution to Duistere Openbaringen was quite boring. Seen through the lens of a young man who wants to film a call-girl we get a short film about an arrogant working girl having discussions with her customer.
Strike by Jonas Klinkenbijl (12 min) was something completely different. In a retirement home cameras are installed in the inhabitents rooms, well… cameras. This high-tech machine follows the inhabitents every step and makes notes of violations of the rules. The film looks flashy and professional. I found it the better.
Vogelvrij (outlawed) by Cindy Jansen (23 min). I was a bit surprised to notice that this film was made by a woman, since it is not all that friendly towards the opposite sex. Nice camera work and beautiful locations bring a story of a man who has strange plans with his call-girl.

It would be nice if such hour and a half blocks of short films would be released on DVD (or the better films of the festival or so). Broet does sell some DVD’s, but in most cases that is a short film on one DVD, which is relatively expensive. I must say that none of the films that I saw in Broet was really good, but I do enjoy the fact that these are independant films with (sometimes) new ideas and of course countrymates who might make a bit of a name lateron.

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