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Small Gods * Dimitri Karakatsanis (2007)

“Small Gods” is a nice, Flemish Dutch spoken, independant film from our Southern neighbours. A young woman is kidnapped from a hospital by a young man who takes her somewhere in a camper. The film is a slow and mysterious roadmovie in which little is said. Along the way another young woman is picked up and as the film develops, conversations and situations during the trip and Elena’s of the events to her lawyer, draw and faint picture of what is going on. Some questions are left unanswered. The film is quite minimalistic, has a few nice experimental scenes and a good, strange atmosphere. Also the story is descent, but unfortunately the acting is a bit poor. Overall “Small Gods” is definately worth watching if you like the stranger kind of film and since it is only Karakatsanis’ second film, I am curious for possible future productions.

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