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Top Gun Maverick – Joseph Kosinski (2022)

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“Maverick” (Tom Cruise obviously) is brought back to the Top Gun academy after 30 years to train their top recruits for a mission impossible. These recruits also include the son of “Goose” whom Maverick lost in the earlier films.

Of course Maverick is better than his younger colleagues and while he was actually supposed to only train the pilots who would go on the mission, he ends up flying it himself.

Kosinski made a lot of effort to make the film akin to the old one. There is partly the same music, characters return, Maverick still drives his motor without a helmet, there are flashbacks, etc. The old film is not really ‘on top of my mind’, but I have the idea that the new “Top Gun” is but another episode after 35 years. Not boring, not great.

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